Manufacturing Plant

Transcon Steel is proud to offer Manufacturing "Know-How" and Business Systems to entreprenuers and existing businesses globally.

Our innovative technologies can be introduced to nearly every part of the world from extreme heat to extreme cold, seismic and hurricane zones, and tropical regions.

Please contact us for additional details that include:
     - Regionalized Business Plans
     - Commercial Letters of Credit (Drafts and Draw Details)
     - Government Letters of Introduction
     - Operational Cashflow Forecasting Models

Transcon Steel can provide for your New Enterprise:
     - the Equipment, the Building, Manuals, Business Forms, Training, and Long-Term Operational Support.

Below is a list of benefits that you will receive when you choose to work with Transcon Steel when establishing a manufacturing plant in your country.

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  • Expand Your Business in Stages
    • You may start your business in stages that best meet your allowable financing, production goals, and desired scope of services. Transcon Steel's experienced personnel will work with your team to develop a manufacturing facility that meets your production goals with concern for allowable budget.
  • Manufacturing of Cold Formed Steel Components
    • Cold Formed Steel Components – Transcon Steel can integrate into your current operation the production of cold formed steel framing components.
      Components include:
      • Studs and Joists (Standard Solid "C" or Thermal Opening Design)
      • Structural and Drywall Grade Track
      • Furring and Resilient Channels
      • L-Angles and Miscellaneous Components
      • Custom Brake Metals
      • Clips
      • other Specialty Members
  • Modular Building Manufacturing
    • Once you have implemented a quality proven manufacturing facility, Transcon Steel can assist with the effective expansion of your operation into modular building production. A customized facility can be "right-sized" to meet your production goals pertaining to the type of modular buildings, the level of completion, and the units to be produced on a per shift basis.

      Modular building manufacturing is considered our Tier 2 plant that is implemented only after component manufacturing has been mastered.
  • Purchase Financing
    • Assistance –Assistance with facilitating Commercial Letters of Credit and ExIm-Bank Financed Transactions.
      Includes –A regionalized business plan, Licensing Agreement, L/C draft and L/C detail bank required documentation, and assistance with organizing financials for compliance to Internationally approved GAPP standards.
  • Professional Services
    • Sales –Guidance and One-on-One support to help with closing your first sales contracts.
      To make a successful sale, you need more than just a product; you need to sell your Expertise.
      Transcon Steel’s professional corporate staff can provide assistance during your first series of sales to provide the comfort and confidence to your client that the products will be produced to specification.
      Transcon Steel's company history, experience, and support will reduce exposure to future construction issues and help you build a word-of-mouth successful business.
      Estimating –We can provide you effective guidance in the estimation of building material costs for hotels, residential, military, and commercial buildings. Cost estimating support also focuses beyond the materials and includes the operational cost for design, engineering, logistics management, construction support, documentation costs, and expediting fees.

      It is important to understand the "whole" project material and internal costs and your required profit before providing project quotes.
      Transcon Steel can help your company with discovering and tracking internal "real" costs so that required profit can be realized.
      Design & Engineering –Professional training in effective design principles of cold formed structures utilizing proven methodologies, Building Information Modeling (3D BIM), and value-engineering of structures.
      • Blast, Seismic and Hurricane Resistance
      • Mobility Design for Modular Structures
      • Thermal Performance for Extreme Cold and Heat Regions
      • Design for Low-Skill Labor Assembly
      Production –Training for materials planning, effective utilization of materials, quality control procedures and documentation, material handling of raw and finished goods, and tracking of production time with historical charting.
      Production Tracking - Transcon Steel has proven methods to track production, set reasonable goals, and increase production output by up to 300% without increasing overhead costs. Benchmarking will provide you the data to analyze production rates over time and track your personnel's efficiency.
      Logistics & Shipping –Planning production and shipping logistics for projects of any size. Transcon Steel can help to answer the questions as to when project fabrication must start, required number of personnel, jobsite accessibility, design and packaging of materials for shipment, and transportation solutions.
  • General Management
    • Detailed assistance with general operations that includes:
      • Finance - A/R, A/P, Cost Tracking, and Profit Management
      • Documentation Control - Specifications, Shop Drawings, Engineering, Production, Ordering, and Shipping
      • Strategic Growth and Planning - Know when to reinvest, when to outsource and when to increase prices/services
      • Quality Control - Have your facility internationally approved with limited time and learning
      • Business Improvement Programs with Software, Employees, Products, and Marketing
  • Human Resources
    • Provide the structure for effective:
      • Hiring
      • Employment Testing
      • Job Descriptions
      • Safety Training
      • Basics Employment Law
  • Annual Safety and Quality Audits
    • Safety –OSHA approved programs for: Material Handling, Shop Floor, Chemicals, and Equipment and Employee Safety.
      Production –QC procedures: for CFS Products, EPS Manufacturing, Truss and Wall Panelizing, Welding Procedures, Design and Engineering, and Document Control.
      Equipment –Preventative Maintenance, Equipment Safety, and Best Practices Operations
  • Memberships with International Organizations
    • Transcon Steel can list your facility as a member of various national and international organizations.
      Organizations can include:
      • The Steel Framing Alliance
      • Cold Formed Steel Structural Engineers Institute
      • International Code Council
      • US Green Building Council
      • Cold Formed Steel Council
      • International Accreditation Service
      • other international certification bodies
  • House Plans
    • You will receive up to 10 residential plans that are designed to meet regional and cultural standards of your location.
      • Receive Bill of Materials
      • Plans in Imperial or Metric Format
      • 3D Renderings
      • Receive Profit from Your Customized E-Commerce Plan Library
  • Equipment Parts
    • Each facility is stocked with only the important replacement and consumable parts to reduce potential interruptions during manufacturing operations.
      - Have manufacturing backup with Transcon Steel's international network for large projects, backlogs and seasonal adjustments.
      - All equipment parts are logged into a private E-commerce website for ease of ordering replacement equipment parts.
  • Royalties and Long-Term Operational Support
    • Transcon Steel has implemented a manufacturing and support program that is an earned royalty system. Transcon Steel personnel will be available for long-term support of your manufacturing needs to help maximize your business profits. Royalties are only paid on Transcon Steel developed technologies. Industry standard products do not have royalties.
      You may choose if you want to contract with Transcon Steel with an annual management fee, or you may choose to retain Transcon Steel personnel on an As-Need basis.
      Annual management fees vary based upon the type, size and location of operation. As-Need contracts are billed based upon the type of service requested.

      During the year multiple trips are scheduled to oversee quality control procedures and general operations to help protect your profit and business image.
      Review trips include:
      • Equipment Preventative Maintenance
      • Employee Training
      • Education on New Framing Systems to Manufacture or Distribute
      • Software Application Upgrades and Customizations
      • Equipment Upgrades to Support Business Growth
      • Implementation of International Cutting Edge Technologies and Processes

      Transcon Steel also provides virtual management of operations. Additionally, through our international alliances, Manufacturing Facilities may benefit with reduced raw material cost through our global purchasing platform.
  • Marketing - Regional and Global
    • Transcon Steel will provide marketing awareness and support through:
      • Professionally Designed Brochures
      • Website Design
      • Project Case-Studies to be Shared By All Locations
      • Guidance with Effective and Low-Cost Marketing Activities
      • New Technologies for Manufacturing or Distribution