Mobile Fabrication Facility

The mobile fabrication facility is designed for military operations, but can be designed for businesses that desire to establish a truly mobile rollforming and fabrication operation.

The mobile fabrication facility comprises of two shipping containers:
  • Container 1: 20' Standard for rollforming operations
  • Container 2: 8' Standard for coil handling operations

With one mobile facility, you can produce floor joists, wall systems, rafters, metal trusses, sheet metal veneer, and furring channel.

Each facility also includes:
  • Metal Working Equipment: 10' Brake, Cut-Off Saws, Plasma Cutter, Slitter, and Shear
  • 5 Person Tool Kit: Screw Guns, Framing Hand Tools, Hand Shears, ladders, and safety equipment
  • Computer Equipment: Rollforming Controller, Computer and Design Software