Building Designs & Modular Structures

Many Clients want a simple selection of buildings ranging from small storage to residential to commercial office buildings.
Transcon Steel can provide you the initial designs that are custom created to meet your cultural requirements.
The initial designs are to help your company get started with project material sales.

Designs will also be hosted for purchase on this website as well as your custom website.
Furthermore, you company will have access to our ever-growing global directory of designs to provide your clients with more options.
All designs will be provided to your company with a Bill of Materials (BOM) and include a dynamic pricing model allowing for quick update of pricing during material market fluctuations.

We can train your design team on best practices with 2D, 3D and 4D design standards.
With Transcon Steel products and Know-How, your company can provide building materials and design services for the following types of projects:
  • Modular Buildings
  • Residential Structures
  • Commercial Offices
  • Lodging Facilities
  • Military Structures
  • Public Facilities
  • General Components for nearly every building type
  • Specialty Products outside of the construction industry
Transcon Steel can train your personnel to create amazing drawings. We can also provide you the necessary long-term support when designing challenging projects.

Below is a small example of the shop drawings that Transcon Steel has created. Click on any image to view a full page PDF document.

  • Interior Ceiling Large Radius3D view of ceiling framing with Bill of Materials. 3D reduces jobsite waste and framing time.
  • Interior Ceiling Small Radius3D view with panel framing plan of small radius ceiling.
  • Interior Ceiling Transition3D view of framing ceiling transition. Detail shows materials, panels, and bracing members.
  • Architectural DrawingsArchitectural elevations for single family residence.
  • Virtual ConstructionConstruction 3D modeling to determine construction method and engineering concepts.
  • 3D View of Two Story ResidenceSkeletal framing view of two story residence.
  • Roof Truss Layout for BankPlan view of roof truss layout plan with bracing.
  • Roof Truss Layout for 27,000sf ResidenceRooof truss layout showing all accessories and includes control drawing layers in PDF file.
  • Shear Wall PlanShear wall design with cross-strapping and anchor details.
  • Interior View of FramingSkeletal framing plan interior for residence in Thailand.
  • Corner Tower FramingBIM virtual construction of building corner tower.
  • Framing of Balcony WallsVirtual construction of exterior balcony wall systems.
  • 3D Assembly of CFS Framing with Steel and ConcreteJobsite construction details showing CFS members, concrete and structural steel framing systems.
  • Shear Wall Bracing FrameJobsite details of framing, X-bracing and holddown anchors with detail notes.
  • Sloped Wall FramingSite plan for framing of sloped exterior walls.
Interior Ceiling Large Radius1 Interior Ceiling Small Radius2 Interior Ceiling Transition3 Architectural Drawings4 Virtual Construction5 3D View of Two Story Residence6 Roof Truss Layout for Bank7 Roof Truss Layout for 27,000sf Residence8 Shear Wall Plan9 Interior View of Framing10 Corner Tower Framing11 Framing of Balcony Walls12 3D Assembly of CFS Framing with Steel and Concrete13 Shear Wall Bracing Frame14 Sloped Wall Framing15