Customized Software

During its history, Transcon Steel has spent extensive time with developing both customization files and proprietary programs to effectively manage cold formed steel design, engineering, production, and jobsite operations.

Working with Transcon Steel, you will save hundred to thousands of hours having to build like-kind systems from scratch.

Below is a list of just some of the benefits you will receive when choosing to work with Transcon Steel when establishing your new facility.
  • Customized Website
  • Customized E-Commerce Website (Additionally, sales through Transcon Steel can be forwarded to your operation)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Operations Pro (Proprietary Internal Management Software)
  • Pre-Configured Design Applications with Templates and CFS member scheduled and assemblies
  • AutoDesk: AutoCAD 2013 & Revit 2013 Configuration
  • Truss Engineering Application with International Member Material Libraries
  • Customized Revit Metal Framing Application
  • Microsoft Excel Applications (An extensive set of calculation programs)
  • Production Scheduling Programs
  • Quoting Application with customized cover letters, scope documents, and component libraries
  • Online Public Access Project Estimator (basic application to save you time and money)
  • Online Private Project Estimator (detailed for internal business use)