Professional Training

Transcon Steel provides training on all aspects of cold formed steel and insulated panel manufacturing and assembly.

Truly knowing the business is not a five day class. A strong grasp on business management and "How-To" can be provided over a three month period.

Below is a brief overview of the type of professional training that is required to operate a successful manufacturing or assembly facility.

Each training program is offered to individuals or groups and can range from a few days to a few weeks.
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  • Equipment Operations
    • Transcon Steel provides a complete line of training courses that range by the hour to by the week.
      Courses cover critical information relating to: Equipment Set-up, Maintenance, Quality Control, Material Scheduling, and Safety.

      Available Courses Cover Operational Procedures with:
      • Roll Forming
      • Custom Metal Parts Fabrication
      • Coil Slitting Lines
      • Cutting Tools, Shears and Press Brakes
      • Pre-Expansion of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
      • Injection Molding and Cutting
      • Boiler

  • Construction Documents and Engineering
    • Training can be provided for general operations required to properly service client contracts.
      In-depth knowledge of each item below will help your company become a leader in the cold formed steel industry.

      Available Courses Cover:
      • How to Read Construction Documents
      • Estimating Building Materials
      • Review Plans for Constructability
      • Succesful Design for Cold Formed Steel Structures
      • Engineering Cold Formed Steel Buildings (Single to 12 Stories)
      • Reviewing and Understanding Project Specifications

  • Assembly Operations
    • Annually, more projects require products to be pre-fabricated in a quality controlled facility.
      Transcon Steel can provide you the knowledge of how to pre-assemble building sections and maintain quality control documentation per international standards.

      Available Courses Cover:
      • Panelizing Walls
      • Panelizing Floor Systems
      • Floor and Roof Trusses Assembly
      • Creating Insulated Headers (R-Header)
      • Creating Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) Ultra Frame and Metal Skin SIPs
      • Assembly of Modular Buildings - Homes, Schools, Medical Units, Shelters, and others.

  • Jobsite Assembly
    • Proper training of jobsite personnel will make your manufacturing operations much more successful.
      With effective training, buildings can be constructed faster, less material waste, and more time, focus and energy is available to service additional projects.

      Available Courses Cover:
      • Installing Floor Joist Systems
      • Installing Wall Systems (Stick Framed and Panelized)
      • Installing Floor and Roof Truss Systems
      • Understanding Engineering Connection Details
      • Material Handling and Construction Loading
      • Rough-In of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems
      • Jobsite Safety
      • Finishing of Buildings (Veneers and Trim-Out)